Domaine de Vavril’s Wines


The grapevines of Vavril grow on the Southern side of the hill are exposed to much sun that strengthens the grapevines and gives more flavor to the wines.
Jean-Luc, our winemaker, explains that the harvesting of grapes and other fruit at the estate is entirely manual.
With traditional technique of winemaking, our wines will charm you with red fruit flavors – a strong characteristic of the Gamay grape which also has a bit of a spicy and festive flavor.


The estate has between 10 and 11 hectares of vineyards and a cellar with a capacity of up to 550 Hl (equivalent to 70 000 bottles).


Beaujolais-Villages Red

This fruity, fleshy wine reflects the characteristics of the soil it grows in. Granite, which can be found in the soil in the area, gives it an intense color varying from deep cherry to garnet, and the aroma that reveals red fruit dominated by black currant and strawberry.

Régnié and Régnié Prestige

Régnié is a fragrant round wine, pleasing your taste buds. Its red color varies from cherry to ruby. The taste reveals gooseberry, apple, blackberry and a slight note of minerality. Our cuvée Prestige, aged in oak barrels delivering a fine and intense wooden and burnt notes will satisfy all wine lovers. The attack is round followed by a fleshy, well developed vanilla aroma, supported by light tannins.

Côte de Brouilly

The Côte de Brouilly has a beautiful a crimson color, aroma of fresh grape and iris flowers; a delicate and exciting this wine ages just a bit to be able to develop its elegance. Thanks to diorite and schist, the color of the soil on the hills of Mount Brouilly varies between blue and marbled dark green also known as the “green horn”.


This wine has a deep garnet color. The nose is very clear and expressive with notes of red fruit like cherry and currant, the second aroma reveals notes of liquorice and violet followed by a slight touch of fruit in brandy. In the mouth it is a powerful and robust Beaujolais with a fine and solid tannic structure. Morgon can be preserved for more than 10 years the best years and taste.


This wine is distinguished by its ruby ​​red color, with a dominant floral aroma of violets and peonies. The flavor notes are of red fruit remarkably bringing out the Gamay grape. The Chiroubles is appreciated by every wine gourmand, while it gives a pleasant mouth-feel. The soil grapevines grow in give the wine a tender and fruity notes.



Vavril Rosé 

Sparkling Wine – Quality rosé, brut, champagne prepared with the local Beaujolais-Villages Rosé method.

Beaujolais-Villages Rosé

This wine made from the Gamay grapes that grow in the granite-enriched soil of the region fully reflects the character of the origin. It is consumed throughout the year, especially popular in the summer. With its salmon color, this wine is very fresh, fruity and floral and should be served slightly chilled.

The Pearl of Vavril

Quality sparkling white wine, brut, is made with the champagne method.

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