They support us and we return them the favour!

We are happy to present you the Bronze Sponsors of the Domaine de Vavril. Their passion for winemaking and the Domaine de Vavril led them to sponsor the vineyards throughout the year. Living the typical everyday life of the winemakers together with our winemaker Jean-Luc.


  • Food recipes with wine pairings
  • A virtual masterclass session sent 4 times per year with the winemaker explaining the main stages of winemaking, photo of the sponsored vine

Contact us to become a Bronze Sponsor today! 

Aeff 166Béatrice Jandot, France

Bronze Sponsor since 2015

She has fallen in love with the Domaine during her visit in the spring season, when the vineyard turns green. Originally form Lyon and nostalgic of her region, that newly Parisian takes advantage of this sponsorship to maintain her strong and personal link to the Beaujolais.

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