They get married at the Domaine de Vavril : their testimony !

Erika & Hugo get married at the Domaine on September 15… For us, they come back on this wonderful day !

For you, what are the main assets of the Domaine de Vavril ? 

« The location in the heart of Beaujolais and its breathtaking views over the vineyards, the charm of the Mansion and the reception room, the accommodations, the friendly and family atmosphere, as well as the presence of several outdoor spaces including a swimming pool. »

Have your guests been seduced as much as you by the charm of the Domaine ?

« We got so many positive feedback about the beauty of the place ! »

How was your D-Day at the Domaine ?

« Unforgettable ! Sun, our loved ones by our side, beautiful place and adrenaline ! »

Any unexpected moment to tell us ?

« On the first day, we learned that one of our witnesses would become a dad for the first time! »

(Photos : Sébastien Clavel)

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