They get married at the Domaine de Vavril : their testimony !

Mathilde & Julien get married at the Domaine on August 19… For us, they come back on this wonderful day !

For you, what are the main assets of the Domaine de Vavril ?

« The magnificent view, the pool and the accomodation for 35 people. The Mansion, in the chic countryside style, is tastefully decorated and well equipped. Having two reception rooms and two outdoor areas, the terrace and the gardens around the pool, is very pleasant. »

Have your guests been seduced as much as you by the charm of the Domaine ?

« Of course ! Some of them even want to come back for the harvest ! »

How was your D-Day at the Domaine ?

« Perfectly well ! We had a wonderful weather and we made our symbolic ceremony on the terrace, which allowed our guests to have a view over the Beaujolais hills during the speeches. As it was hot, some guests even dipped their feet in the pool during the cocktail ! In the evening, as the sky was clear, we made a lantern release with music : it was really a magical moment ! For the Sunday brunch, outside, we used the farm tables to eat in the sun, while some enjoyed the pool and others visited the vineyard. An unforgettable weekend ! »

Any unexpected moment to tell us ?

« The bride thrown into the pool during Sunday brunch ! »

(Photos : Cécile Cayon)

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