How to create beautiful decorative corners for your wedding day? See all the ideas of Flavy & Clémence, aka Velvet Rendez-Vous

Always very appreciated by your guests, creating small corners during your wedding day offers a multitude of advantages by giving a usefulness to each space. Simple to put in place, they create strategic points and give a real atmosphere to outdoor spaces.

The « Lounge » corner

Often, this corner is a real asset during the cocktail for example: arranged with pretty seats normally used indoors, it will give it a playful aspect with an indoor / outdoor effect (carpets, throws, small decorative accessories …). For your wedding, you want your guests to be relaxed and happy to have a good time together! The corner “Lounge” allows them to feel at home. It is always more pleasant to sip a glass of cocktail in a beautiful retro bench than on a classic chair! Not to mention that your wedding photos will also be much more representative of your wedding day. Do not hesitate to propose several corners of this style, from 4 to 6 seats for example, scattered on your wedding venue. Think of incorporating candles, lanterns, or garlands, to illuminate these spaces at the end of the day. Guests will appreciate the concept even more!

The Games corner

One of our favorites… We often fear “downtime” during a wedding day. It federate more easily the guests, to the small ones to challenge the big ones around a giant Power 4, and to spend a good time between two petits fours! The time spent around playing babyfoot to organize tournaments between the guests is fairly representative. Outdoor games are appreciated as well during the cocktail as during brunches the next day. A simple and easy idea for fun days!

The Photos corner or Photobooth

A great opportunity for your guests to make their own group pictures, without waiting for the photographer to pose for them with their glass of champagne in hand. In a spirit always friendly, these photos are always very appreciated because they are much more natural and spontaneous!

The Drinks corner

Here is one of the most important! They make it possible to manage the flow of your guests in several places during the cocktail or the evening, and thus to guarantee fluidity. Installing some carts or barrels with carboys help your guests to circulate and serve themselves. And one more time, it’s always prettier on your wedding photos!

The Kids corner

A very nice idea to help the youngest to meet each other, to care, and to let mum and dad quietly sip their cocktail (in moderation, of course!). When everyone has a good time, the wedding party is alwayssuccessful!

Find decor ideas and accessories on the website of Velvet Rendez-Vous !

(Photo 1 : Fanny Ingold – Photo 2 : Velvet Rendez-Vous – Photo 3 : Rock My World Photography)

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