Choosing a videographer for your wedding, for or against ? The advice of Sylvie Schneider, aka Love Image Maker

The wedding video is still quite exceptional in the bridegroom’s budget. It often comes only ifthere is a little money left. Like the icing on the cake.

And yet, it gets more and more success with married people convinced that they will have incredible memories of this day!

It must be said that, like pictures, video has a special character. It tells a story in motion, in sound, in emotions. The video of your wedding will not replace your photos. And the goal is not there at all. The video is totally complementary to what you will get in pictures. And the whole idea is to offer you more memories.


How does a wedding videographer work?

Static videos of 2 hours are over! The trend is different. Your videographer will propose you to relive your wedding day from an artistic angle, sublimating the most beautiful moments of this day.

I am sometimes asked if 5/7 minutes, “it is not too short”. And watching, my bridegrooms really understand my work.

I consider myself a bit like a ninja ready to record the emotions of this day. It’s up to me to understand you, to follow you discreetly, to offer you moments of tenderness a little disconnected from this crazy day, and then to transcribe them into music.

If I only had to press a button to record a ceremony, it would still be less funny! My job is to capture and transcribe your emotions.

It’s both a lot of pressure and an immense pride to contribute to your memories of this beautiful day. I put my heart into it as if it were my own wedding, and that’s the least I can do when you give me your trust.


Why is it often a bit more expensive than a wedding photographer ?

Simply because the wedding videographer spends a lot more time in post processing. It will take several days of work downstream, between the derush of shooting, sound, music research, editing, colorimetry… Not to mention the investments in equipment that are often much more expensive than for photography. Even more if you add shots with a drone and sound recording.

It’s also an artistic work to create not just a video but a real movie. A story. Something that looks exactly like you and not just a sequence of pictures with music on it. I do not consider myself a filmmaker, let’s be honest. But it’s an exercise that requires a lot of concentration and inspiration. 


Any tips for choosing your wedding videographer?

Go first with your heart. Watch the films on his website to know if his style suits you. There is so many ways to film a wedding. It’s up to you to see what speaks to you the most. Even though the budget is very important to you, try not to focus on it at first.

I often get emails from married people asking me to send them my rates. I do it of course. But I am much more touched by an email from customers explaining their project, what they are looking for and, finally, what they like in my work. Not that I like compliments, but it allows me to better target their needs and desires.

Personally, I only cover 12 weddings a year. And I choose them scrupulously. Impossible to make a nice film if the feeling is not good between the couple and me. So I take the time to know them and, if I realize that we are not made to work together, I offer them other providers.


3 clichés on videographers:

1 / “He will ask us to play scenes during our wedding!

It all depends on the way he works! To avoid this, talk to him and ask him about his method. Communication, there is nothing like it! And everything will goes well on the D-day.

2 / “I don’t want a camera focused on me all day.

The cameras have evolved a lot. You will be surprised to see that your videographer’s material usually does not take up more space than your photographer’s. No more big cameras!

3 / “A photographer + a videographer is too much!

Photographers and videographers are used to working together, to communicate so as not to embarrass each other and not to disturb you at the same time. The video artist often works in the footsteps of the photographer who often manages the artistic direction of the couple sessions for example.


Four tips to get the best of your wedding videographer!

1 / Choose bright and tidy rooms for your preparations. Who wants to remember a messy room?

2 / Plan a couple session outdoors, even in winter. Your videographer needs a lot of images, moments and emotions to offer you a dynamic montage … Remember to create moments where you will share something unique with your half and your loved ones (a first look, a crazy session with your witnesses, a session with your children if you have some …)

3 / Listen to his advice. Even if your wedding is unique, it will advise you on your particular schedule. Many round-trips between all the places is for example a bad idea. Unless you want him to spend his day in the car rather than with you …

4 / Last and not least, forget that you are filmed! The natural is the most beautiful source of inspiration for me. Real emotions are like drugs, so be yourself.


In 50 years, you’ll get the fold of your dress, this mascara that flows because you cried during the ceremony, the rain that falls whereas you prayed a year so it does not rain on D-day, or this little spot on the neck of your dear and loving that no one sees for you. What you want in 50 years is to see your smile back to you both. Relive the hugs with your loved ones disappeared or laughing watching on the misssteps of your children.

I wish you a beautiful wedding and a lot of happiness!


To watch my work :

(photo 4 : Alison Bounce Photography)

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