Why choosing a florist for your wedding? The advice of Cloé, aka O’Kiosque

   1 / The floral decoration gives this special atmosphere to your wedding

The flowers will be part of your memories through the photos captured by your photographer… Do not take lightly the choice of your florist! The floral creations made by your florist will give a true identity to your D-Day: it is important to exchange with him to get floral creations that suit you.


2 / The florist is THE professional

He knows on his fingertips the seasons, prices,  colors and varieties! And this perfect knowledge of flowers will save your time and money. For example, are you getting married in September and you love peonies? Know that it is not necessarily compatible… Your florist will then offer you others flowers, such as garden roses or buttercups, and he can thus obtain more attractive prices. A true vegetable magician, he will even present you flowers that you did not even know existed!


3 / The florist takes into account the planning of your wedding day

This will make it much easier for you and save you a lot of time. Your florist will deliver the flowers to your home, to the church if you opt for a religious ceremony and your wedding venue. If you ca, choose a florist who will also take care of the installation: he will be best able to arrange his floral creations to highlight them and thus give a unique atmosphere to your D-Day!


 4 / Your florist will respect your budget to avoid unpleasant surprises

And yes, florist is a job in its own right! He will know how to forecast the right amount of flowers, guarantee their freshness, select the right varieties according to the season, get the best prices, harmonize the available colors. It also provides vases (and often, no need to buy them, you can simply rent them) or accessories (ceremonial arch, ribbons, logs of wood …) that will give the final touch to your wedding decoration!


Your florist is a true advisor ! Whether you are a novice or an enlightened amateur, he will accompany you to choose the style, the colors and the varieties that perfectly suit you. The floral decoration of your wedding will be tailor-made and at your image!


(Photo 1 : Lena G Photography – Photo 2 : Cécile Creiche – Photo 3 : Lena G Photography – Photo 4 : Laurent Piccolillo LM Studio)

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