Enjoy your wedding on a long weekend!

As you know, your wedding day will pass very quickly, really too fast …

So why not choosing a wedding venue that can accommodate you for several days? You will have all the time to prepare this big day without hurry, and will enjoy longer the magic of this moment with your loved ones!

More serene and less stressed, you will savor all the more this unique moment!

Exclusivity and tranquility: the advantages of enjoying your wedding on a long weekend

Some venues can propose you packages over several days and, very often, these places are entirely privatized: that means that you will have the exclusivity during all your wedding day. A single wedding is celebrated every weekend and you take no risk of having to leave quickly to make way for the next couple. You will feel like “at home”!

On-site accommodation for you and your loved ones: a significant advantage

We must admitt that nothing is more practical than being able to be accommodated on the spot on the wedding day! It’s much more comfort and privacy, as well for you and for your guests.

Some of your guests may be afraid to drive late when feeling tired. Some may be a little too drunk… If they stay, no need to think of all that! They will be perfectly relaxed to be able to party with you until the end of the night without worrying about the time!

As for you, you will also be much quieter to know that your guests do not end up in situations that can sometimes be unsafe…

Some reception areas even accept to put some tents : do not hesitate to ask, it can help and please the youngest!

Before D-Day : preparations with peace of mind

If you can arrive one or two days before the day of the reception, it is perfect! You will be able to perfect all the small details of your decoration, without feeling stressed. If you finish in time, you will even have some time to relax before your D-Day, surrounded by your close friends and family… The dream, isn’t it?

After D-Day: just relax

The advantage of a multi-day wedding is that the magic still operate after your big day. The stress is down and you’re still on your little cloud, this is the perfect time to share a brunch with your loved ones.

On the program, relax and rest! If you can, choose a wedding venue with a pool: you will be delighted to enjoy it at this time! You can also organize activities in small groups: some venues can help you to find original ideas (wine tastings, strolls in 2CV, horse rides among the vines …) according to your desires.

And if your budget is a little tight and you fear that a rental over several days is not within your reach, why not consider limiting the number of guests? By choosing a more intimate wedding with only your family and your closest friends, you will spend particularly privileged and unforgettable moments with them…


Are you seduced by the idea of ​​a wedding reception over a long weekend?

Then contact us for a unique and exclusive wedding!



(Photos 1 & 2 : Anaïs Filoche – Photos 3 & 4 : Alex Havret)

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